IT Aware, formed in 1999, specializes in providing turnkey Information Technology and Skills Development solutions to various sectors including the education and training environment. Our diverse team of Software Developers and Skills Development Professionals bring years of expertise and business understanding to our company and clients.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and servicing clients across the country, we ensure customer satisfaction and on-going support. With the evolving needs of our clients, our organisation has progressed into three separate but synergistic business streams, being IT Consulting, Skills Development Consulting and Document Management & Printing. Collaboration of various technologies have allowed us to develop Management Information Systems (MIS), Skills Audit (Survey) solutions and Document Management solutions for our clients, allowing them to streamline their business process.

Our services as Skills Development Consultants are backed by our thorough understanding of the Skills Development Act (SDA) which we acquired through our early entry into the SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) arena. Our software development and extensive knowledge in database management have assisted in structuring the SETAs and their clients. As a result we were short listed in 2002, by the Department of Labour as one of three recommended IT solution providers to the SETAs.

Services Portfolio

IT Consulting

IT Aware was originally established as an Information Technology service provider. We have been in the business of developing organisations with IT, and in turn, they have helped us grow. Our technology services include:

• Design and Development of Customized Web-Based and Client-Server Information Systems

• Database Design and Maintenance

• Business Process Analysis

• System Maintenance

• Web Development & Design

• Online Project Management

• Content Management Systems

Skills Development Consulting

IT Aware prides itself in being the only service provider to have surveyed over 800 000 employees in the public sector, the largest Skills Survey ever to be conducted in South Africa. We are capable of meeting any number above that…anything below is a walk in the park. Our focus areas are:

• Skills Audits (Surveys)

• Occupation Profiling

• Facilitation

• Research

• Project Management


• Skillogical is an unconventional, revolutionary, automated solution to Skills Development.

Have you ever been faced with any of the following questions:

• What is the required skills profile of your organization?

• What is the actual skills profile of your organization?

• How do you identify the skills gap between the required and actual skills profile of your organization.

• Does the money spent from your training budget have any impact on reducing the skills gap in your organization?

• Can you at any point in time, report on the current status of skills within your organization?

• Are you in a position to easily identify potential or future skills development requirements?

The SKILLOGICAL approach provides solutions that will assist you in answering all of the above and more.


Since NSDS I, IT Aware has been assisting SETA's fulfil their mandatory reporting requirements in terms of sector skills planning. Conventionally this was achieved by consolidating aggregated high level WSP and ATR information supplied by employers in the sector. The shortcoming of this approach was that the detailed employee-level scarce and critical skills information which was not obtained via the WSP / ATR template had to be elicited via research projects. The challenge therefore has always been "How does a SETA encourage an employer to provide more detailed, auditable, and accurate WSP / ATR information, without increasing the administrative workload of either the employer or the SETA?"

Our extensive experience gained from implementing skills development solutions in the public service, the private sector and in the SETAs has allowed us to develop an unconventional solution that revolutionises the SETAs’ ability to rise to the above challenge, allowing information pertaining to their mandate to be obtained, without compromising their WSP, and ATR, submission process.

Our unique approach allows employers to automate the compilation of their WSP and ATR, simultaneously aligning their organisations to the Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO). Furthermore our approach affords an employer the opportunity to conduct a skills survey within their organisation at a fraction of the time and cost usually associated with such an exercise, the results of which increases the SETA's ability to analyse and manage the actual skills demand in its sector. Our solution simplifies the management of skills development, ensuring SETAs have the ability to:

• Establish actual skills demand in the sector

• Inform training providers of sector needs to create fit-for-purpose development initiatives

• Perform accurate skills planning

• Collect accurate, auditable, detail level information without replacing or interfering with any of the SETA's existing information systems.

Production Printing

The high demand of paper required for a Skills Development Process resulted in IT Aware establishing its own Production Printing Department. Doing everything “in house” has made it possible to service every aspect of our clients’ needs from start to finish, resulting in the most competitive prices in the printing arena. IT Aware's survey of the public sector and its 800 000+ employees required us to modernize our printing division with state of the art machinary in collaboration with Oce. Read more about it → here